Game Dev Tycoon Review

Video game Dev Tycoon is the first video game developed by Greenheart Studios, and shows great promise. You take on the role of your game developer, reliving early years of the gaming industry in your garage, upgrade to office buildings and beyond, and are in the modern day of gaming, and even past! st patrick dayContinue reading

Maximizing Your Health Center’s Performance and Making a Business Case

Powerful organizations rely on methodical methods of tracking results and compiling data to effectively demonstrate what has been profitable and beneficial. Measurable results can lead to increased budgets, new resources or even a raise. dr. samadi Nuesoft Xpress(TM) consumer Brenda Dalton, MBA, BING, RN-C, WHNP spoke on the value of “Making a Business Advantages of yourContinue reading

Effective Communication

Human being interactions are Manifold (e. g., individual-interactions, group-interactions, and state-interactions), Multi-Dimensional (e. g., social-interactions, economic-interactions, and political-interactions), and Multi-Layered (e. g., interaction with seniors, discussion with juniors, and connection with peers). These multiple interactions may collapse any moment due to some real or non-real discrepancies between participants, so that, an efficient communication is requiredContinue reading