Android Application Development For Mobile

Google android is an Open Origin Mobile Operating System (OS) developed by Google. These types of operating systems (OS) are mostly used in touch screen phones and tablet computers but have now already been used in Smart Televisions (TVs), Cars, wrist watches, game consoles, digital cameras, regular Personal Computers (PCs) and Laptops, and even eyesight glasses. Android Firmware

Android dominates the worldwide smartphone operating system (OS) market share with 84. 4 percent of all devices running Google android. More than 1, 1000, 000, 000 (1 Billion) Android devices have recently been used and the amount is increasing at a very speed. It has the most significant market occurrence of any main system (OS) and getting into the application market opens a sea of opportunities and being forgotten is a levnedsl?b. 

Other devices and working systems have been on a decrease like Ms Windows and Apple’s iOS, while Google’s Android is eating up in their share. It has the highest range of Apps for any Operating System (OS) with more than one particular. 3 million programs which have been collectively downloaded from the Google’s Take up Store alone more than 50 billion times. When we add the other sources of downloading and installing Android apps, then the number will corner several billion times more.

With such a huge Android market, a sole successful software can pay in vast amounts or you can make several programs and earn a living from it. If you are already a coder and have experience in programming from other websites, then you can definitely get started learning about Android software. But if you don’t have any IT experience, then you too can commence learning about Mobile with Android os. If you are none a programmer, nor do you intend to discover programming, but you have an idea for an app, then you can certainly hire a professional programmer, that can build an iphone app according to your idea. Let all of us have a look at all the above mentioned ideas.

A high level00 programmer, then learning about Android would be easy and by learning you can start developing several software and earn a living. If you want to be a professional programmer for program, either as a part of some company or a freelancer, then learning to do it yourself might be a great option. If perhaps you just wish to have an software for your company or product or website, then learning an art and craft you might not use again may not be the best option.

If you have no programming qualifications, but you wish to become one, then perhaps application is the best option to start. Nevertheless, if you do not intend to become a professional programmer, then learning such a skill can be time-consuming. There is always a learning contour involved and you’d need to spend considerable amount of time, money and efforts to learn development from scratch.

If you are not just a programmer, or do you plan to be one, then too you can benefit from Google android by hiring a professional programmer and outsource your ideas to him and he will make the iphone app based on your ideas. If you simply want to have an iphone app for your enterprise or your website or product, then this is probably the best option. Or if you think there are several creative ideas, but can’t be bothered with programming, then you can let someone else do it and you could still make a living by posting those Android apps.

This kind of way the iphone app will be made on your precise specifications and may have all the functions and features you and your company needs and will rule out all the choices that you may need. Thus, there will be no confusion of the cluttering features from an off-the-shelf software. You can also have your company’s logo and color theme on the Iphone app to completely tailor it for your needs.

Presently there are several companies and freelance Android programmers who can get the job done for you. Thus if you think you have a million buck idea or if you think your company can use an App which can help improve efficiency, then you can choose to use their services.