Boxing Gloves – How to Choose?

Choosing a glove?

We would like to provide you with a simple guide regarding how to choose your boxing gloves. This kind of will be great for a beginner who needs a start. Purchasing your boxing equipment and in particular your gloves can be a difficult decision specifically the first time buyer. There are an array of brands, colours, and weight loads to choose from, just what exactly is right for you?


Like any apparel item you have your high quality brands such as Cleto Reyes, as well as brands that sell both premium and cost-effective mitts such as Adidas and Lonsdale boxing gloves. Inspite of there being a significant price difference, if you are planning to field on a regular most basic (2 times a week) then it is worthwhile purchasing leather boxing mitts which tend to be more expensive. If you are trained in various other boxing disciplines such as kickboxing or Mauy Asian then a brand such as Twins will be best suited. We have previously blogged about Twins babies gloves and exactly how people use them for classic boxing too. They are a great all round baseball glove particularly if you are after support, protection and hard-wearing.

Glove Weight loads

The weight of the glove will depend on what you would like to use the glove for. The heavy the weight, the more padding, the harder it is to throw your punches, the tougher the work out you get. If you are doing all-round boxing training you would decide for 14oz or 16oz boxing glove. Women may opt for a 10oz or 12oz boxing baseball glove. When sparring you usually use a 16oz baseball glove to protect the competitors from injury.

Range of Colorings

The colour of your glove will depend on your boxing style. If you are a flashy ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather then go for a bright white, or a high level00 raw brawler like Ough ‘Hitman’ Hatton, then select a mean black. Obviously this part has no result on effectiveness of your glove, nevertheless it could play a psychological role in your fights and possibly work in your benefit.

In summary, your boxing gloves should be efficient, consider what you are going to use them for, this way you can get your money’s worth but also think about how precisely they reflect your boxing persona in the ring! Are you a ‘Pretty Boy’? Or a ‘Hitman’? The choice is yours.