Can a Facebook Contest Help You Grow Your Business?

One among our clients had a great idea for a contest. We chose to use Facebook as system for a couple of key reasons

Their page was relatively new and it needed a promotional push to build the industry’s brand on Facebook.
All of us knew it was a very inexpensive promotion to run thus reducing the client’s risk in supplying it a whirl.
All of us ran the photography match for starters month and the outcome was great. buy ip votes

This took their Page Wants from almost zero to over 350. That might not exactly be huge for some industries but for this niche B2B it provided them the most notable likes for in their category in Canada. 
It cost about $150 (which included the contest software fees and advertising fees) plus award costs.
They now have over 100 new email messages to reach out to and possibly increase their newsletter list.
Of course, jogging a Facebook contest can be a fun and exciting opportunity for your business, but you need to ensure that you keep it relevant to your audience, to set it back up properly and adhere to the contest rules placed out by Facebook.

Here is a step-by-step approach to build your next Facebook or myspace contest.

The first step – Set Your Goals

Are you trying to increase loves to your web site? If that serves to want to “Like-Gate” the contest or make Liking part of the contest requirements.

Might you be trying to increase email addresses? In the event so then you will need to acquire compitent details. Look for as little contact info since you can, as it will increase your volume of entrants.

Are you trying to increase brand awareness? In our court case we were definitely striving to improve the client’s publicity on Facebook, so we created a voting fight that would require stock traders to share the tournament with as many of their friends as is feasible.

Stage Two – Set Away the main points of the Tournament

You wish to think about the sort of contest you want, guidelines and prizes.

In our case, we decided on a photography contest. Contestants could easily post their image via our client’s Facebook . com page. The winners would be chosen by the amount of votes their photography received. We needed to make it easy for opponent to share the photography using their Facebook friends so they could encourage their friends to come and prefer their Photo. We all decided that contestants could only enter one image and may only vote once to continue to keep it fair.

A phrase on prizes…

You want to make certain that the awards offered sound right to your target audience (assuming these are generally the people you are trying to attract with your contest). These could even be one of your company’s service or product programs. It’s a good idea to have multiple winning prize in case the first place photography is so considerably ahead of the second that folks give up attempting.

Step Three – Establishing Up The Contest

When you have figured out your event details, rules and awards it’s time to established up the contest webpage. Start by looking at some Facebook Contest Software. Luckily there is a myriad of Facebook applications that make setting up the contest a click. Choose wisely. Because we decided to go with a photography contest – we needed an software that would:

Let people publish their photo
Share the image easily using their friends on Facebook
Limit them to one vote every head
Limit them to one photography per person
Allow others to like/vote for photographs easily
Present us with reporting on the progress of the contest.