Chives – The Lesser Known Medicinal Herb

Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum) the tiniest types of the red onion family, is native of Europe, Asia and North America. The name of the species has recently been derived from the Ancient greek language word Skhoinos (Sedge) and Prason (onion). orviax onde comprar

Even though the plant is relatively fresh to the Western world, it is well-known in Asian cuisine, as garlic herb chives. The taste of garlic chives is somewhat more like garlic than chives, but much milder. Nevertheless , today chives have earned a place in most kitchen cabinets around the world. 

Medicinal Ideals

In traditional fold medicine, Chives were eaten to take care of and clear away intestinal parasites, apart from stimulating digestion, treating low blood count, and boosting immune system. They have been used in alternative medicine as a cure for the common cold and flu, and as an appetite stimulant. This kind of is done by offering a cup of Chives infusion to the patient, twice or thrice each day.

In Chinese herbal medication, the garlic chives are being used to treat fatigue, to control excessive bleeding, and as a cure for ingested poisons. The lamps and leaves of the plant are applied to insect bites, wounds, and cuts, while the seed products are being used in treating problems associated with Liver, Renal and other digestive system problems.

Being rich in flavonols, it depicts anti-tumor effects. A new China research confirms that eating Chives and other fresh vegetables from the allium group reduces risk of Prostatic Cancer.

Chives have also been used for control of high blood pressure and in bettering bloodstream circulation. This is a consequence of to the occurrence of organisulphide compounds such as alkyl sulfoxides and allyl sulphides. It is a hypotensive and an intestinal tonic possessing anti-bacterial properties. The Vietnamese use Chives in remedying of sore esophagus, asthma, dyspepsia, and fatigue.

When included as part of regular diet, Chives assists with reducing high cholesterol levels in blood. The alkaloids and saponins in the seed starting are being used in treatment of haematuria, spermatorrhoea, lumbago and incontinence.

Chives are also abundant with Vitamins A and Vitamin C and contain trace amounts of sulphur and iron.