FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa

The tournament is not complete but the two week journey of my 13 year old son and I has come to a close. Having joined other world cup titles (1994 USA, 2002 Asia Korea and 2006 Germany) we were looking forwards to an incredible time in Africa and we weren’t disappointed – except for the ultimate goal in Rustenburg. FIFA World Cup 2018 live

Beginning with some of the best of the tournament which in my mind is the rebranding of South Africa from Apartheid to the Range Nation and no much longer being seen as a third world country; the message of Mandela and the power of getting back together is a lesson for all mankind. 

It truly is real joy enjoying the dad – son experience of traveling together and the highlight of all of the soccer games we attend (domestic or international) is kicking together at halftime. The World Glass makes that even more spectacular as it entails kids and people from around the globe united by the touch of the

Different highlights included:
*The early on goal by Shabalala and the quality performances by the Bafana despite being the first host land not to advance to the knockout stages.

*The contrite English fans who claimed they beat UNITED STATES except for the goalkeeper error. Hello soccer gods. About 95% of all soccer goals are anticipated to defensive mistakes in one form yet another – including the one you still have on USA.

*The Minnow surprises made early on matches exciting:
-New Zealand Italy 1-1 a country that has played in 4 world cup last matches versus a country that has won 4 world cups.
-North Korea surprisingly competitive match against Brasil; the 2-1 consequence was not televised in North Korea as the their little ‘Little Kim’ felt as though the expected one-sided match would be too much for his nation to deal with. Instead, they missed away on a great battle by their team and aired the following match where these were dismantled 7-0 by Portugal. I’d despise to be the older advisor who recommended that to Little Kim.
-Switzerland upsetting Spain 1-0
-Greece with their first world cup finals victory complimentary of Nigeria 2-1.

*Speaking of fish, it was interesting to see the KwaZulu Natal Shark Boards and learn about their work together with great whites. Durban has a long history with sharks and the rendering of shark nets off the coast has evidently proven successful in keeping away from human tragedy.

*Weather was wonderful with many days and nights in the 80’s.

*Durbin. A world cup on outdoors. I know that in el monte we like to say you can surf and swim in the same day but in Durbin they promoted ‘take a dip at halftime’; although the warm Indian Ocean felt as cold as the Ocean.

*We were somehow able to move ourselves into the front row for four of the five matches we attended:

*We were able to sell off all of our extra tickets (the better half and daughter barely make it to a LA Galaxy game every season, let alone South Africa), except the rural Rustenburg match which basically was equivalent to having a Super Bowl in San Luis Obispo – the roads were only two lane which made thirty four, 000 (capacity was forty-four, 000) fans and their cars drive hours to a match. It absolutely was like driving the supermarket car parking lot for 5 several hours on the way home from the sport. The extra tickets for that match were dispensed to the area kids courtesy of an impromptu juggling contest.