Halloween Decorating For Less

Merely about everyone I know enjoys Halloween for some reason or another. That may be all of the beautiful fall colors, or the joy of seeing all the wonderful children in their attires. han solo costume

Whatever your reasons behind enjoying the Halloween season, you undoubtedly decorate your home to some extent. If perhaps you add lighted numbers of ghouls and goblins, you probably notice a slight increase in the ole electric bill. I actually know I actually do. 

Even in years while i only exhibited a couple of the plastic ghosts and goblins, I noticed some increase in cost. As a result I decided to look for ways to save some money. Presently there was not a way I would stop decorating for the Halloween season. In fact it can one of my personal favorite holiday seasons.

One evening I had been sitting down outside as it commenced to get dark. When ever the solar lights I had fashioned along the driveway emerged on, that gave myself an idea. What happens if I actually could use the photo voltaic lights I had along the driveway and in my rock garden, to light my plastic Bloody halloween figures?

I had a 3 or 4 ft . tall Frankenstein, a 3 or 4 foot Cat and a couple of large pumpkins. These were all made of clear plastic and lighted with those nite-lite type bulbs. Many of these had some kind of circular cutout on the bottom. I have never had the opportunity to figure away why, they don’t seem to be to have any real purpose.

I figured the underside wouldn’t show, so it was okay to slice these holes larger. I actually used an utility cutting knife to enlarge the openings on the bottom. I actually made them large enough for the top of the solar lights to fit through.

Then i located the solar lighting where I planned to get the Halloween figures. When it commenced to get dark and the lights arrived on, I sat the figures over the sun lights. The results were fantastic!

Now I simply lift the figures from the solar lights, positioning them next to the lights in the day. This allows lights to recharge the whole day. At nighttime I place the numbers over the solar lamps again.

This is a great way to save on the electric costs this Halloween season. In the event that you already have the solar lights it costs you nothing. Give it a try for yourself this Halloween.