Healthy Relationship Program – The Power of Affirmation

Marriage Glue: Affirmations and Nearness

Affirmation plays an natural part in all associations. But how come affirmations so important? And how will they benefit your romance? guia epico do xaveco

The emotional closeness you and your companion share in part stems from your ability to affirm the other person. At some point in your relationship you started out to experience your spouse as special–distinct from the mediocre in your life. S/he had certain characteristics that you value. The unique qualities you both saw in the other stood away and were highlighted during the beginning of your relationship. 

When you and your partner recognize each other’s uniqueness you create opportunities to affirm each other–adding to the atmosphere of emotional closeness. Once you commented on your partner’s uniqueness, s/he sensed that you had revealed the roadmap to understanding who s/he is. This kind of fuels the intimacy that is a necessary part of your relationship.

There are many ways to agree your partner. You already do it–with words, how you say something, the way you look at and touch him/her. We all all affirm our lovers, sometimes without realizing it. Saying, “I love you” is a form of affirmation. Regrettably, as relationships develop and slide into complacency, we tend to forgo remarks since we assume that our partner knows how we experience him/her. This kind of is a mistake at the expense of intimacy.

Find The Affirming Voice

Note the in these two similar types of feedback:

Do a comparison of “That was a funny joke” with “You’re funny. ”

The two are positive varieties of feedback there were all be happy to receive. But there is an important difference between these messages that will help add power to your allegations.

The first piece of feedback describes something associated along that is temporary–on a specific occasion you informed an amusing joke. Subsequent time your joke may land flat on the face. On the other hand, when told if you’re funny, you are given feedback about who you are as a person. In essence, an everlasting part of you is being recognized and appreciated.

This kind of is what affirmation is all about: Your special is recognized and treasured. Marriages and relationships that include affirmations are more robust. How do you feel once your spouse states you? Many report sense more upbeat and linked with others after obtaining meaningful affirmations.

Action step: Focus on your second half’s uniqueness.

As your romantic relationship matures, it is not hard to overlook all the things about your partner that caused you to fall season head over heels in love. We’ve all recently been there and done that. Rather than continue down the road of oversight, think about the pursuing questions to help keep you attuned to your partner’s uniqueness:

~Think about all the ways in which your partner is exclusive. What does s/he have got as a person that you value? Consider ways you can change these into affirmations.

~Why were you primarily driven to your partner? What words did you use to explain him/her to friends and family when you were first dating? This kind of was the time when you were hyper-attuned to all of your spouse-to-be’s unique traits. Begin to use these recollections to affirm your partner in our.