Installing a Stair Lift to Increase Your Stair Safety

The steps are a part of many people’s each day lives. They are seen in many homes and almost every office building has at least one set in place of stairs, sometimes a lot more. While providing a very important service, the steps can even be incredibly dangerous, especially for many who have a problem walking and bending their knees. Of all time groups, seniors are most at risk of an autumn and serious harm on the stairs.

The reason that seniors are at such an increased likelihood of a land is several fold. 1 of the major factors is mobility related disorders like arthritis. These can make any movement very painful and hard. To help protect against the pain, it is common to not pick up your foot as much, which enhances the risk of tripping. Other disorders, like Alzheimer’s, which is a cognitive disorder, can reduce someone’s balance and since an individual with Alzheimer’s is often less targeted, they are more vulnerable to falling. 

While diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer’s can be the cause of a fall, the actual fall is often only part of the problem. Many seniors are afflicted by osteoporosis as well, the bone disorder that causes the bone fragments to become much more brittle. For individuals with osteoporosis, even a tiny fall season from a shorter distance can cause a broken hip or fractured leg. Because a result, even a simple missed step will many times bring about a very serious injury.

Considering that the stairs are so dangerous, some seniors choose to simply prevent them. This kind of is especially true of seniors who alreay have experienced a fall, because their confidence is afflicted and in addition they become much more afraid of the steps and falling again.

To get seniors who try to avoid the steps, this can mean making major changes to your lifestyle. When in public, it is usually not that big of a problem and it is actually encouraged, unless of course you have someone with you, but avoiding the stairs at home is often impossible or means avoiding a complete section of your home. The outlook of moving is often not very attractive either, because means supplying up your freedom and often leaving a home you have spent many great years in.

Seeing that avoiding the stairs at home is seldom actually practical, many choose to install step lifts. Stair lifts are a type of device that can be easily installed onto most staircases and will greatly improve safety. They are being used to carry a person along the stairs safely, so the only thing required of an individual is to press a button and sit down back and enjoy the ride.

Usually a couch lift will be used, sometimes called stair chair, in which a couch moves along a keep track of that is attached to the stairs. An effective electric motor slowly and gradually moves the chair and silently carries the mature between floors.

Using a step lift installed is an excellent way to restore confidence and independence, without requiring major life changes. The mature is usually able to operate the lift by themselves without help from others and can regain access to all areas with their home.