Legal Video – Full Time Videographer Or Legal Video Services

According to your firm’s size, it could make sense to make investments in video equipment and hire a full time videographer to handle your legal video depositions. In the other hand, however, most significant of organizations realize that using legal online video services allows them to give attention to them best without worrying about video equipment and hiring additional personnel. Whether you hire a full time legal videographer or use a legal video services provider, both have their pros and cons. animation and video production

Pros and Disadvantages of Finding a Full Period Legal Video Employee

Having a full time videographer on staff ensures that someone exists to videotape your deposition – until she is busy videotaping one of your partners’ depositions. Having a videographer on staff also ensures consistency. For instance, your videographer will understand all of your firm’s requirements and video format tastes. Plus, when the legal video work is performed in-house, you less time is spent expecting clones to be sent to your office. In addition, if you desire a tape made up of excerpts from previously documented depositions, your videographer will most likely manage to change the deposition for you in a timely manner. 

However, having another person on the staff means that you will be paying a salary whether or not your firm has any depositions scheduled. In addition to the salary costs, your firm is likewise in charge of taxes, health insurance, and other costs associated with human resources. Furthermore to the expense of the legal videographer, you’ll also need to purchase video equipment including video and audio tracks saving equipment as well as video-capture and editing equipment.

To get the most away of your legal online video investment, your attorneys will need to coordinate the scheduling of depositions. All things considered, if you only have one videographer and one video camera, if two depositions are scheduled for the same time, one of the attorneys should hire an outside legal video services provider.

Positives and Cons of Working with Legal Video Providers

Teaming up with a legal video services provider is suitable for most organizations as most won’t have enough depositions to justify selecting a full time videographer. Legal video services providers have equipment, staff, and know-how to provide you with timely services, in case you have several depositions taking place at once. In addition to providing your firm with video services, many companies devoted to legal video also offer court docket reporting services and timely reporting.

Obviously, you will not likely incur any equipment costs with an external organization handling your videography needs. You also will simply pay for the services that you need, as you use them. With a full-time staff member, you pay set up videographer is actively filming or enhancing.

If you’re considering doing your video in-house, the actual math and come up with an twelve-monthly cost for video equipment, recruitment, and salary bills. Now, estimate the amount of several hours you’ll need video services for the complete year. Separate your total investment by the hours needed and you will probably come up with an hourly cost for under one building videography. Compare that constant cost to the constant cost of your overall online video services provider and you should likely find that it makes sense to stay outsourcing.