Living With A Narcissist

Hi there my name is Debra and this is my story. First off only to say right now My spouse and i is a senior and finally once in my life I am happy alone and single. We would not have much family left that converse to me but do have close friends in my senior complex apartment building. They seem to be to have become my new family. Just a little background on me I actually was adopted and was an abandoned baby. My own birth mom was found and was forced to gave me up for adoption. I found her and my step close friend when I involved forty years old. Which that is another story in itself. Narcissist Cheating Signs

This is some determining terms: Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long term pattern of abnormal patterns characterized by exaggerated thoughts of self-importance, an increased need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings. Persons damaged by it often spend a lot of time thinking about obtaining power or success, or about their appearance. They will often take good thing about the people around them. “narcissists think the world orbits around them” They can be abusive emotionally, emotionally and physically. Signs of a Narcissist are Chat Hoarder, Conversation Interrupter, Secret Breaker, Boundary Violator, Phony Image Projection, Entitlement, Charmer, Grandiose Personality, Negative Thoughts, and Manipulation: Using Other folks as an Extension of Self.

For many years I were living with Narcissist both my adopted mom and my husband both. I resided 23 years with my adopted mom and thirty-five years with the hubby until divorced. Divorced in 2011. I have 2 kids one by the Narcissist, they are cultivated and have their own life. My adopted family I have 2 step brothers not adopted. Nowadays my adopted parents and my birth mom and birth step brother are dead. My kids live out of state from me so how My spouse and i is living i have no family near me personally.

My adopted life was always difficult since I had been young when I found out about the usage later I found away I was abandoned to a front seat of a car with all my belongings and container. I always felt distinct from the family we experienced several outlooks on life and so forth Living with adopted family I had been picked on by my older brothers. My followed mom all she performed was criticize everything My spouse and i did or not do. I was never good enough my brothers were always better and cleverer. To find out later in life that the girl was playing them against me too. All we have from her was manipulation and put all of us down often. I got no self esteem, Used to do poorly in school scarcely passing, I was timid and completely introvert, plus I was never liked by her but We felt obligated since my birth mom did not want me and my adopted family took me personally in. My adopted dad was OK but a coward he would never stand up against her or for me either. I was a whole loner in my childhood and felt so bad about myself. I really acquired a hard time dealing with life with the frequent put downs. She switched all of the family against the other person that even now no-one foretells the other person even tho I’ve attempted to get us back again again after my used moms death. When I actually came old to time I was ready to get out and find just anyone who would love me, care for myself and treat me right.

Well I dated a lot got myself battling by getting pregnant by someone I wanted to marry but he was Jewish and has not been allowed to marry me. And so i had my daughter and stayed home with my adopted parents and proved helpful to support her and me the best I actually could. Her father paid support for some months then stopped after we shifted out of state. Therefore living at home was hell my adopted mommy took over my girl and finally turned her against me. My used mom spoiled her spoiled than to this day she is similar to her than me. Well My spouse and i dated trying again to find a new man.

I discovered a guy in a night club this individual seemed so perfect so charming and even seem to be to care about myself completely and my child. We only dated for 5 months until we wed. My daughter was 3 years old then. I absolutely thought I found the right guy finally for me and my daughter. At first all I noticed was this individual was not too bright, this individual never finished high institution left in 10th quality got his GED later. Another thing he acquired some bad habits of spending excessively but care was not properly to what I felt was unacceptable. But I thought I loved him and was determined to make it work even tho sometimes he got on my nerves. I was never going to let this marriage fail whatever but it did in the end after thirty-five years of feeling like I was in prison and stuck.