Maximizing Your Health Center’s Performance and Making a Business Case

Powerful organizations rely on methodical methods of tracking results and compiling data to effectively demonstrate what has been profitable and beneficial. Measurable results can lead to increased budgets, new resources or even a raise. dr. samadi

Nuesoft Xpress(TM) consumer Brenda Dalton, MBA, BING, RN-C, WHNP spoke on the value of “Making a Business Advantages of your Health Center” at the Mid-Atlantic College Health Connection conference Oct. 22-24 in Lancaster, Pa. Her business presentation highlighted the value of keeping a high level of business know-how in your approach to student health care services to enable you to your own health center’s performance, market your department, build and keep relationships with the decision company that provided you your university and reach key goals.

“Colleges are faced with having to validate rising costs of tuition; as expenses costs increase, sometimes college student health services find the lower end of the budget, ” said Dalton. “That’s why it is so important for pupil physicians to make an effort to gain the interest of those who influence or control the budget. ”

According to Dalton, one of the ways you can take full advantage of your health center’s performance is to automate many of the everyday functions necessary to run your office. For example:

* Make use of a computerized scheduling system

* Electronically integrate a student’s demographic information with her/his medical record

5. Increase accuracy with an electric Medical Record (EMR)

* Track immunization complying

Dalton said that once the steps to your own health center’s performance have been made, you should get started to market your department:

* Work with student groups and organizations to tell your department’s story.

* Communicate section accomplishments to public relationships for inclusion in grounds newsletters, web pages or other campus communication tools.

* Certainly be a featured health writer or interviewee in the student newspaper.

Yet marketing might not exactly be adequate, either. Dalton stresses that a huge part of being successful stems from the potential to articulate results effectively to decision makers.

With so many health attention centers closing down, Dalton notes, “When I can, and as frequently My spouse and i can, I want to sell the significance of my office. It’s about survival. inch