Nintendo DS Movie Player Plays Movies and Music On Your Nintendo DS and GBA

I am just always searching for the latest devices and game accessories. Be they from third party manufacturers or from the system designers themselves. But I have to admit that when I first heard about Nintendo’s Movie Player add on for the Designers DS, I was very surprised. 123movies

The reason for my surprise was quite simple. You see, As a former watching movies on my Gba and Nintendo DS, well, since their release date, with a really fantastic little accessory called the NDS / GBA Movie player. 

After doing some searching on the search engines, I was equally surprised that more Nintendo DS (or Video game Boy Advance) owners have not heard of this truly unexampled accessory for their Nintendo DS. That seems that perhaps with all the hype around the Sony PSP and it is movie playing capabilities, coming from all neglected to look into the less expensive Designers DS as anything other than a handheld game system.

What made this accessory a must purchase for myself, was the fact that in addition to movies, I was also able to pay attention to my MP3 music on my Nintendo DS too – just like Sony PSP owners can. I will not go into the debate as to which handheld system is better, or offers more… That’s would negate the real reason for this post, which is simply to show Nintendo DS and Game Boy Move forward owners that their fun little handheld game system is capable of participating in all types of multimedia files too.

The GBA/NDS Movie Player permits you to have your Designers DS, Gba, Game Young man Advance SP, or Video game Boy Micro to play video and audio tracks data and read e-books from standard Compact Flash playing cards. And before you feel that you’ll just be able to watch movie clips or short films, allow me to be clear in stating that you can watch an entire full length movie with the Movie Participant. You can use your PC and a typical Small Flash card reader to transfer and convert your media files to the Compact Flash cards. The included software even switches files directly from DVD AND BLU-RAY to the proper movie Player format.

And before you feel that it’ll take a rocket scientist to convert their Dvd and blu-ray to the proper file type – think again! The software is so very easy to use, that this requires you to do nothing more than insert the Digital video disc and blu-ray you wish to convert, or the digital file if you contain it. While this is not any special format so to speak, as the UMD movie dvds are for Sony SONY PSP. It is possible to take any DVD MOVIE movie you have, and convert it with the included software to be enjoyed back on your Manufacturers DS system. What this means is that if you’re not stuck buying multiple versions of the same movie to watch that movie away from home.

One of the most frequent question that I am just asked is whether or not the movie player can certainly store and play back a full span movie from a small flash card. I will completely understand why this would be confusing. I suggest, let’s face it, DVD AND BLU-RAY movies are several GB in size, how could these possibly fit on a tiny 256 Megabyte VOIR card.

I answer that question with the very same answer. It can play full length films great. But in circumstance you’re wondering just how that may be possible, i want to explain. It has a lot regarding the screen size of the GBA and Nintendo DS. Because the screen is much smaller, the document size of the full length movie can be smaller too, simply because it does not have to maintain a very high resolution similar to the way it would if you were to watch that movie on your Television collection. In essence, it “down converts” the DVD movie, to make it fit right onto the GBA or Nintendo DS display screen, otherwise you would probably have to scrool left to right and up and down in order to see the whole video.