Straight Razor Vs Safety Blades and Disposable Razors

Latest trends are shifting towards more classic shaving products, and away from off-the-shelf products that can be purchased at the neighborhood food store. The question is why? Why would anyone want to skip the simplicity of shaving with a safety razor to use a straight knife?

For most men, it just comes down to genuine preference. When in a rush, choose the protection blade; however, if you need to make shaving less of a chore and more of a hobby, one must go with the perfect blade. There are few things more satisfying in men’s grooming than stropping your razor, mixing your cream and indulging in a good, old-fashion peal. 

Personal preferences aside, there are some benefits to utilizing an in a straight line blade. First good thing about by using a straight blade is to minimize irritation. By having one single point of contact, you decrease the pull and pull of multiple blades, and conclusion up cutting each individual cutter of hair. The first few times you use the straight razor, you might ending up cutting your few times, but once you get the hold from it, you can say goodbye to pesky shaver burns. Although you can get a very close peal with most safety razors out there, nothing can come near to the reliable, close shave that you get from an in a straight line blade. Finally, with the maneuverability of a right blade, you can finally reach the hard aspects of the chin and neck while still being able to get an in depth comfortable shave.

When learning to shave with a traditional straight razor, it is highly recommended that you watch several online lessons before you jump into using the blade. Likewise, be certain that the first time you use a straight blade, you have plenty of time to adopt it slow. The previous thing you want is to rush throughout your first time.

Switching to classic shaving products can be pricey to someone who is unfamiliar with the industry. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to stick with the products you can buy at your local supermarket. That being said there are several websites that are now carrying many products necessary to bridge the gap into the world of classic shaving at very reasonable price. To find the best experience in classic peal products ensure you get a good pre-shave oil, vintage shaving cream, shaving comb, mixing mug, straight cutting tool, and aftershave. Combining all of these products will enrich your overall saving experience and give you the closest, beloved get rid of of your life.