Summer Drinking

Really summer, it’s hot, therefore you want to cool down fast with a cool drink. Inside the refrigerator are many choices and ice cubes in the freezer make them even more enticing. Soft drinks and beer are easy and quick. Only pop the top and then you’re on your way to a fast cool down, right? Fine, you think you already know better, so you choose a flavored water or activities drink that would do the trick. You would prefer a chilled on the lookout for beverage just like a screwdriver, wacholderbranntwein and tonic, or another flavored favorite. As well as the kids? They can have that childhood favorite of KoolAid, or a juice that comes in a container or pouch. I would like to make the advantages of why these drinks are certainly not good alternatives, and the key reason they are not is due to sugar they contain. Gin Tonic

All of the drinks listed above contain sugars of varying portions and types. I would like to first address alcohol. Anything alcoholic is sugar and adding taste just makes it more serious, not to mention the fact that alcohol is very dehydrating. Drinking a dehydrating beverage on the hot day where you are losing fluid through sweating is not a good choice. It can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, or even something worse. Something like a heart attack, or even death. 

Soda jumps, juices and flavored oceans all contain too much sugar to allow them to be a good choice on a hot day (or any other day for that matter). Sugar would not chill thirst. It just makes things worse for your body. To start with, your body has to metabolize the sugar. Metabolizing something you drink means increasing high temperature in your body. Enhanced sugars and fructose hammer toe syrups are difficult for your body to process and, therefore, require more heat to be able to be digested. These kinds of sugars also wreak chaos on your body by pulling nutrients away from places, such as bone fragments, to provide the added nutrients had to break them down. Another problem these sugars can cause is a fatty liver. Alcoholics are no longer the only people who should be concerned with acquiring this issue.

So what can you are doing instead? Just how about good-old water? Now i am not talking about the fluoridated and chlorinated items that comes directly away of your tap. Individuals chemicals are way to very your body. Now i am talking about filtered drinking alcohol water. Boring you say? Well, dress it up. Make it an natural iced tea, freeze some lemon flavored water as ice cubes through adding it to your tea. Put a pitcher in your fridge and add lemons (organic if you use the peel) and or cucumbers. You could also add fruits such as watermelon or appricots. Yes, they contain some sugars, nevertheless they also contain the other nutrients needed to digest them. Bananas and other berries also make a plain, dull or boring water just a lttle bit more interesting. Have fun with it and see what you like.

It’s hot outside. Make sure you associated with almost all of your hydrating and cooling work by drinking beverages that support the body, not think about it down and dry out it. Drink plenty of clean water and, if you need to, dress it up for a few variety.

Jennifer Meters. Clark is the owner of Nurturing Wellbeing and creator of YOUR Physique Reset. She is a certified Health Coach and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as an All natural Medical professional.