What Is the Function of a Bail Bond in the Fairfax VA Court System?

Arrangement Bonds and the Fairfax County Virginia court system

Bail in the most basic conditions is the concept of providing something of economic value as collateral to guarantee the appearance in court associated with an individual who has recently been charged with a criminal offense. Bail as a function of the justice system has been in living since midevial times, was adopted in the us during the colonial period, and was later officially added as the eighth amendment to our American constitution. San Bernardino Bail Bonds

The idea of bail is quite simple, the court docket will require that to be released from incarceration a defendant must provide an amount of money to be held by the court that is significant enough to surpass the temptation to run away from justice. In order to recover the money the defendant must make good on their responsibility to the court. Because of this , the amount of convention is directly related to the seriousness of the charge and potential abuse should the defendant be found guilty. 

Fairfax Local is unique in value to bail due to the size of the court system. Most region courts arraign inmates in person however Fairfax local General District Court family court judges will actually arraign inmates via a video teleconference. The hearings commence actually with the Fairfax Local Court Services representative looking at the files from inmates that were arrested and interviewing via video any those who have not already been reviewed by court docket services. Their intent is to identify inmates who may qualify to be released into the Fairfax County Court Services Administered Release Program. This program generally is a kind of copie that inmates can on your own submit to to be released without a secured relationship. After all inmates have been interviewed court will be brought into treatment. This is called an arraignment but it Fairfax County it really is not. The inmate will not enter a request however the judge will read the charges he could be accused of, review and alter their bond amount as they observe fit, and ask the defendent if they intend to hire their own legal professional or would like courtroom appointed counsel.

Who models bail?

In Fairfax Region Virginia bail is established by either the Justice of the peace or a Judge. The moment a person is caught they are detained and transported to the Fairfax Adult Detention Center where they are really booked into the system and shortly afterwards taken in front of the Magistrate for a very basic hearing on bail. Fairfax County is so large and the court system so occupied that their are at least three Fairfax State Magistrates on duty at any one time. The Magistrate will then take into account the significance of the charge as well as the people criminal record to determine if bail is appropriate in the case. If perhaps the Magistrate finds that bail is acceptable they will set the bail in one of two ways.

1) A PR or personal recognizance bond will be set. In this case bail is placed however no money will be collected however the offender will be obligated to repay the complete amount of the bail should they fail to appear in court at the fitted time. If a PAGE RANK bond is not established by the Magistrate Fairfax County Court Services will interview the inmate as well and may potentially recommend the bond be improved to PR to the judge when the defendent is arraigned another judge session.

2) Cash or corporate surety. In case the demand or criminal record arrest warrants the Magistrate will require that the bail actually be posted with the court before releasing the inmate. Through this situation either the full amount of the bond must be posted IN CASH with the Magistrate or a third party, or surety, can be used. This kind of is the function of the bail bondsman in Virginia.

In the event that the Magistrate required the bail actually be posted many people will employ the services of a bail bondsman to put up the entente on their behalf in exchange for a fee. If the bail bondsman posts the bond with the Justice of the peace they are agreeing to guarantee the defendants appearance in court or to forfeit the bail.

So why does the court put people in the position of needing an arrangement bondsman?

Simply put the court sees that if the defendant does not show up for their court date the entente bondsman will search for the defendant and go back them to the custody of the children of the court system without the involvement of the Fairfax County Authorities. By involving a third party the court system can save tax earnings and still ensure that the accused is helped bring to justice.