WhatsApp on Your PC and Some Other WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp is the most favorite and extensively used messages application. It includes undoubtedly converted the way mobile gizmos have been utilized for advertising. Here are some methods that you can apply to your WhatsApp advertising campaign. Gb WhatsApp

Change your contact information:

If you are planning to change the info linked to your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp provides an amazing feature to change the existing contact number with the new one. 

Now you can, go through ‘Settings’ and select ‘Account’. You will find an option “Change number”, touch on it and enter in your existing and new contact number. This contact information update process migrates your information, groups and settings to the new number.

Disable WhatsApp’s Last seen feature:

WhatsApp’s previous seen feature is a good way to learn the last seen availability on WhatsApp of your connections. To hide your previous seen, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ and opt for ‘Account’. Tap to ‘Privacy’ tabs and select ‘Last seen’ and then choose to whom you want to show your last availability on WhatsApp.

You will find three options available, you have to mark one among ‘Everybody, My contacts and Nobody’ according to your requirements.

Lock Your WhatsApp accounts:

Locking your WhatsApp is an amazing feature to make you feel secure with regards to your messages and information. To lock your WhatsApp consideration, you need to set up “Chat Lock application” from the Google Play Retail store.

In Chat Lock program, there are numerous messengers, including WhatsApp. You are able to fasten WhatsApp and other messengers using different auto locking mechanism timing and passwords to protect your messages and data.

Retrieve Your erased WhatsApp conversations:

Sometimes whenever we delete the unwanted shows and information from WhatsApp, we also delete important messages and data and may even to recover them back again. WhatsApp provides a back up feature lets you take advantage and recover and restore your previous conversion rate.

All you have to do is uninstall and reinstall your WhatsApp accounts. At the time of installation, WhatsApp will ask you to restore your history and conversations, touch OK to get your old messages back.