Yacht Charter in the USVI

America Virgin Islands offers plenty of yacht charter and includes bareboat yacht hire, skippered yacht charter, luxury crewed yacht charter, monohull and catamaran charter and both sail and engine yacht charter. phuket sailing

The Ciboney, Carib and Arawak Indians formerly settled the Virgin mobile Islands. Christopher Columbus learned and claimed the destinations for Spain during his second voyage in 1493. Over the next 3 hundred years, the destinations were hosted by many European powers, including Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, England, the Knights of Fanghiglia, and Denmark. The Danish West India Company chosen Saint Thomas in 1672, on Saint John in 1694, and purchased Or just Croix from France in 1733. The islands became royal Danish colonies in 1754. 
Yacht Charter in USVI

For the rest of the Danish time the islands are not monetarily viable and heavy financial support had to created by the mother country. A great effort to sell the islands to america was made early in the twentieth century but an arrangement could not be made. During the First Globe War, the USA, worrying that the islands might be seized by Australia as a submarine basic, once more approached Denmark to sell the hawaiian destinations. A selling price of $25 million was arranged and the USA required possession of the local islands on March thirty first 1917, when the place was renamed the Virgin mobile Islands of the Usa States.

The US Virgin mobile Islands is one of the most convenient private yacht charter locations to the United States mainland. Right now there are direct, quick travel arrangements from the mainland. In the event time is restricted to only a few days and nights, america Virgin Islands is a great choice, since it is a fairly easy quick sail to its two main islands. The US Virgin Islands is very easy for the first time yacht charter and families. There is no open water navigation, and the hawaiian islands are all within a brief 2 to 3 hour sail from one another. Navigation is always by type of sight. This is a popular vacation spot, especially during the Xmas, Presidents Week and Easter week holidays. The first 2 weeks of July are also extremely busy credited to Puerto Ricoxs vacation schedule.

Three of the four US Virgin Destinations have nicknames often employed by locals. St. Thomas is “Rock City”, St. Steve “Love City”, and E. Croix is “Twin City”.

Through the November to January winter season the average breeze is 15 – 20 knots from the northeast. On and off all winter, the famous “Christmas Winds” blow strong at 25 – 30 knots for many day periods. Start in February and completing in June, the gusts of wind move from a northeast direction to southeast when 10 – 15 knots can be expected. Later summer to autumn, Aug to November, is america Virgin Islands’s rainy season. However, rainsqualls can arise without notice and they are usually short lived. Enjoy out for approaching dark squall lines and drop the yachts sails and motor if in question. During September and March, the trade winds are unsettled and weakest. These types of months are considered the height of hurricane season, even though the nominal season is June to November. Check yacht rental company policies in terms of hurricanes. Average high temperatures range between 25? C to 40? C with the top in July to Oct.

Nowadays it can be such a hassle to travel between the US Virgin mobile Islands and the English Virgin Islands that a lot of people do either one or the other. Since 9/11 every person on the boat must present themselves to customs and migrants for what can certainly be a time consuming affair. This used to be that you crew could present all the passports for a simple stamp and the boat would be on really way in the new country’s waters. For less than an one-week rent it may well not be well worth it to try to do both. If you do not carry the proper documentation on panel the yacht it could be confiscated. Please check with your yacht charter company for more information.